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Harlan Hambright was raised in Knoxville where he received his Bachelor of Architecture in 1976 from the University of Tennessee. A concurrent downturn in the construction industry led him into architectural photography. Greener pastures led him to Washington, DC in 1980 where he built a thriving multi-person studio. Sanity led him to St. Simons Island off the Georgia coast in 1990 where he remains. He helped pioneer the technique of merging 3D computer modeling with photography in the late 1980s. These computer graphic skills allowed him to expand his practice to general design and layout, and out of necessity as Southeast Georgia is not exactly an architectural mecca. He continues architectural photography however and photography assignments have taken him all around the U.S. and places like Moscow, Northern Italy, the Turks & Caicos, and Santiago, Chile which he rode home from in a 737 filled with frozen salmon. Please browse the site, enjoy the "art," send a message, and don't hesitate to make your life a little bit brighter by purchasing a unique art-like item. You owe it to yourself. 


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