Select a model in the above menu then wander around using your arrow keys or mouse. Look up and down with the mouse, rotate in 360° with left and right arrows. Move sideways with the "A" and "D" keys. Check out the doll house view and floor plans as well.

Utilizing the very latest infrared/photography technology, Harlan is producing the ultimate in real estate presentations–perfect for showcasing resort rentals where access is always an issue, and perfect for screening potential buyers. This is a realistic, virtual showing, and if they like what they see here, then they'll want an actual property inspection. Your property is scanned in a one to four hour session (depending on square footage and technical considerations) then uploaded for on-line 3D processing. Within hours a link is sent to you for adding to your websites. Clients anywhere in the world can then tour your property at their leisure.


In addition to traditional real estate applications, wedding and meeting venues can be presented on-line. Perfect for security training and familiarizing people with sites where they will need to work in the future. Tourist sites can be virtually visited by on-line travelers. The possibilities are endless.