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Mathew Brady Studio

In the mid-1980s, the building which once housed Mathew Brady's studio on Pennsylvania Avenue, was to be renovated and incorporated into a new multi-use development. The interior finishes were stripped down to their earliest state to accommodate the making of these documentary photographs. The glass you can barely see in a ceiling picture is the skylight which illuminated President Lincoln for the portrait which was the basis for his image on all the pennies in your pocket.

Favorite Photographs from the Past

Here is, in no particular order right now,  a collection of some of my best photographs I have made over the years. It continues to be a source of mild depression that my best photos were made in 1972, over 40 years ago! Oh well. People hate traveling with me, especially Hank, my son, because I have to stop every now and again to document some noteworthy artifact. I say, as we rush headlong through our brief lives, we have to stop and shoot the roses, although my subjects are rarely "pretty" things like roses or waterfalls. I am more drawn to the bizarre, the ironic, the unexpected. Come back as I'm updating this continually.

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