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50 years ago I participated in an over-seas architecture program. This book is the result of the project I undertook there. Here's what a Rome book merchant said about it:


“Photographs that are not beautiful but wonderful, extraordinary, works of art. But I was about to start crying with sadness. It’s a world that I (I’m 55) still remember very well. But I am aware that it is an everyday life that almost no longer exists. Everything has changed, everything, everything. Kids no longer play football in the street, couples, both young and old, are no longer on the benches. It’s quite rare to see someone driving a Vespa. The old trades and the political protesters . . . really no longer exist.”

— Daniele Corradi

Libreria Antiquaria, Roma


184 pages, case bound, classic black and white.



Roma 1971

SKU: 0001
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